Latest maggam work blouse designs


Work that is done by a needle thinner than a crochet needle is known as maggam work. The needle is thin and looks like a hook that is always consistent in size and has a wooden handle for comfortable usage.

It is one of the most traditional works in the fashion industry for the longest time known, more than a century if said in numbers. This is done only when a fabric is tightly held on a frame.

This is also called AARI work or khatna work, which is popularly known for its fine work and delicate threadwork, which is done at its finest and enhances the handwork embroidery done on the fabric.  

Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The work is done so finely, which makes it really popular among women who are into traditional yet elegant designs for them. The designs are usually seen over blouses, even the grandest blouses of times like wedding blouses, bridal blouses are made of maggam designs which shows how grand and beautiful the work is done. 

Fabrics like silk and velvet are ideal for these works due to the richness and luxury attribute they give to this art is marvelous.  Maggam works have many different forms like Zari work, Aari Work, thread work, and mirror work.

These are a few of the famous and most popular ones in maggam work.  For those who are into prints but don’t want to lose the essence of tradition, Kalamkari maggam work is for them. 

Latest Maggam Work Designs 

Hand Work green maggam blouse

We have selected some top designs of maggam blouses for different occasions, designs like pallaki designs, parrot designs, elephant designs, and pot neck maggam work designs this will help you to choose the right maggam design blouse. Here Are new simple maggam work designs of blouses for Wedding & Bridal Functions

Heavy Maggam Work Designs

Kundan’s work on silk fabric gives a jewelry look that makes it beautiful. And elegant to be worn on occasions where you want to flaunt your fashion style.

When paired with a chiffon saree this blouse gets highlighted at its best. These blouses look amazing in every age group, so don’t have to worry about thinking twice before getting such blouses for yourself. 

1)Simple Maggam Work Blouse Designs

 With an asymmetrical design at the back, these mango designs maggam blouses are super trendy in the south for their sequence, Sambalpuri Dress Design, and golden thread work. The blouses are suitable for silk sarees.

2)Peacock Maggam Work Designs


These designs of peacock simple thread work maggam work blouse designs and feathers are beautifully done on short sleeves or neck hems which give them a heavy look ideal for brides and women who want a designer blouse with a simple saree.

The blouse looks royal and luxurious with beautiful peacock embroidery work on it with maggam designs. The neck is designed with stones and zari work for a more elegant look.

3)Mirror maggam work blouse designs

Blouse with pearls and stone embellished mirror work maggam work blouse design. Mirrors and stones are embedded with golden threads. Sequences work on the entire pearl maggam work blouse designs, add extra beauty to this blouse made of raw silk, this can be done over velvet fabric too. 

4)Pattu saree maggam work blouse designs


Stones on a Silk blouse look luxurious and rich. This is the reason, the blouse has many-sided stonework with a studded neck area. Sleeves are kept till the elbows and the work should be visible on the sleeves and neck area.

Such blouses are ideal to be matched with sarees, flared sorts of skirts such as tank top style. Zari and stone work together add more excellence to this maggam work blouse. 

5)Boat neck maggam work designs


This thread weaving in this maggam work blouse has stones and an embellished boat neck area. It has elbow sleeves which show a similar work as the remainder of the blouse. The maggam work blouse is given weaving in a differentiating variety like red that works out positively for blue.


Stones, pearls, and dabs are embedded all around the blouse to give it a rich look. Also, the botanical patterns look more gorgeous and alluring. Such gorgeous boat neck maggam work designs examples can be worn by ladies who like boat shoulder patterns for their lehenga or even with heavy flared skirts.

Such blouse designs are best matched with Kanjivaram silk sarees for pattu sarees. A ton of celebrities have styled a comparative-looking example with their straightforward chiffon sarees too.

6)Pattu Blouse Simple Maggam Work Designs


The ethnic botanical pattern is made with a basic thread maggam work. The botanical patterns and designs have embroidered string work with specifying sequins. Such blouses look great on all skin types and ladies of all ages. The ethnic blouse is amazing to match with your sarees and for gathering dresses. 


The keyhole style neck area with embroidery, this blouse has been given the gems example and precise stonework. The half circle patterns on the sleeves make it even lovely. The short sleeves of this maggam work on the blouse are appropriate with your sarees and lehenga dresses. You can get this made in a peplum style too by adding a piece of roundabout board at the waist part. 

Marriage Bridal Maggam Work Blouse Designs


Are you are searching for a marriage or wedding wear blouse and this pattern would without a doubt be preferred. It has a weighty stone work on a checkered base.

It has been given this luxurious pattern with a straightforward round neck area. The elbow sleeves design and truth be told, the whole blouse has been made with hand work with embedded stones.


With such intricate and beautiful patterns and designs, Maggam has been loved widely by women who are into traditional dressing. Maggam is a versatile method of getting the blouse the perfect and desired look one wants. These patterns can be made by getting inspired by western trends and the latest fashion. which will not make you outdated. you can easily catch up with the latest trends by getting yourself these Maggam-designed blouses for your next saree and event.